Portfolio Description

Estethica, a division of the Ethica Healthcare Group, is a reliable aesthetic surgery hospital that has proven itself in Turkey and Europe with its services in Ataşehir, Bakırköy, Nişantaşı and Levent addresses, advanced technologies, expert doctors and experience.

It stands out with its special service in aesthetic and plastic surgery, hair transplantation and hair health, wellness, nutrition, dermatology, medical aesthetics, oral and dental health, varicose veins and acupuncture clinics.
Acting with the motto of “healthy beauty” in all areas, especially in aesthetic surgery and hair transplantation, Estethica always sets a pioneering and guiding path.

Its team of experts and 100% equipped clinics are currently serving meticulously at 4 addresses. Estethica works with the aim of improving itself and its service quality. It provides services with advanced techniques by very successful doctors in the field of aesthetic surgery, hair transplantation.

Plastic surgery

• Inner Lip Aesthetics
• Neck Lift
• Almond Eye Aesthetics
• Lip Silicone Implant
• Uvulectomy
• Chin Aesthetics
• Nose Aesthetics
• Breast Aesthetics
• Butt Aesthetics
• Gynecomastia
• Muscle Aesthetics
• Liposuction
• Cheek Aesthetics
• Obesity Treatment

• Eyelid aesthetic
• Abdominal Aesthetics
• Lip Aesthetics
• Eyebrow Lift
• Arm Aesthetics
• Ear Aesthetics
• Leg Aesthetics
• Laser Lipolis Plus
• Face Lift
• Vagina Aesthetics
• Breast Augmentation
• Breast Reduction
• Breast Lift
• Fat Injection

Hair Transplant

• Special Hair Transplantation for Women
Hair Transplant with FUE Method
• Beard Transplant
• Eyebrow Transplant
• Hair Mesotherapy
• DHI Plus Gold Hair Transplant
• No-shaving and Painless Hair Transplantation

Dental Treatments

• Smile aesthetics and design
• Implant
Zirconium coating
• Teeth whitening
• White fill
• Laser Dental treatments
• Treatment of Intermittent Teeth
• Treatment of Short Teeth
• Cad Cam
• Orthodontics