Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation is the process of transplanting healthy hair follicles from areas where hair is healthier and denser (usually the back of the head) to hair loss areas under appropriate clinical settings. Hair transplant operations are performed using different methods.

FUE Hair Transplant Method

FUE hair transplantation method is taking healthy hair cells from the donor area at the back of the head with the FUE method and stitching them to the bald area. It is a technique that has been used since 2004. With this method, which has been progressing continuously, the hair follicles are taken one by one with 0.7 – 1 mm micro tips from the donor area at the back of the head where relatively healthy hair follicles are located and they are then planted in the hair loss areas of the head. Units, each containing 2 or 3 hair cells, are called Grafts.
How many grafts will be needed by patients is determined by our doctors before the operation and the operation is scheduled after the patient is informed.
In the preparation part of the FUE technique, the areas where the hair follicle will be transplanted and where it will be taken are determined. Photographs of these areas are taken and the patient’s hair is shaved. During shaving, care is taken that all hair is shorter than 1mm. After the area where the hair follicles will be taken, called the donor area, is anesthetized with local anesthesia, healthy hair follicles are taken with an operation that lasts for about 3 hours. Healthy roots to be used in hair transplantation are taken into a specially prepared solution at +4 / + 10C temperature. The area where the hair transplantation will be performed is numbed and canals suitable for the thickness and depth of the hair follicles are opened with special tools. After this process is completed, roots that are kept in a special solution are placed. The total duration of the operation may vary depending on the number of healthy roots taken and their availability. Average operation time takes 6-9 hours in total.

Pen Method - DHI Hair Transplantation

Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) method or Pen Method (Implanter Pen Technique) is another method used in hair transplantation operations. In this method, healthy hair follicles taken from the donor area with the FUE technique are injected into the targeted area by means of a pen (implanter). This method is less painful, more advanced and more successful than other methods in the field of hair transplantation. The recovery time is shorter.
In the pen method, with the operation item specially developed for this process, each hair follicle is transplanted one by one, taking into account the specific direction, depth and angle. The transplanted hair becomes more permanent due to the fact that it is transplanted one by one and it continues to grow continuously.
DHI hair transplantation is performed by specially trained doctors. The hair follicles, which are removed one by one from the donor area, are divided into small pieces of maximum 1 mm in order to be placed in solutions at the appropriate temperature to be kept during the operation. In this technique, there is no need for any canal or hole to be drilled.
The prepared roots are directly planted in the target area with a pencil. In the DHI method, a long-lasting, constantly growing and healthy hair structure is obtained due to the angle, depth and appropriate direction of each root group according to its own characteristics.

Advantages of DHI Method

• A denser tissue is obtained in the target area due to the fine-tipped instruments used.
• Provides a more natural appearance.
• Since there is no need to open any cuts and canals in the target area, there is no scar on the hair follicles and bleeding is relatively less.
• Recovery occurs more quickly and healthy hair follicles in the target area are not damaged.
• Shaving is not required in the target area to be transplanted.
• Tissues remain alive, less damage in root transfer, a natural and healthy appearance is obtained.

Manual FUE Technique

It is the extraction of the highest number and best quality root groups one by one, without allowing any wound and injury, by showing necessary care in the area where the hair follicle will be taken. Because precision and hand perfection are required in this method, doctors with high motor skills should be preferred. In the manual Fue procedure, no root loss is experienced because the grafts are removed manually.

Manual FUE Technique Advantages

• Since the root extraction is done manually one by one, the maximum number of roots can be taken.
• Since it does not require stitches during the operation, it does not leave any scar and the donor area heals the day after the operation.
• General recovery takes place in a very short time and the time to return to daily life is shorter.
• Compared to other operations, the pain is much less.
• Operational effects such as edema and bruises are much less.